There is number of key issues facing our growing community, not least of which are the distressing increasing rates of poverty.  In a recently completed environmental scan, we found that although the median household income in York Region is upwards of $89,000 fully 13% of households are below the low income cut-off. That 13% represents over 112,000 people.  The figure is just staggering.  As a Board, we are challenged with how best to address the food security needs of a growing and culturally diverse community.  To meet that challenge, however, we will need to address political and organizational realities which currently impact the methods by which we may reach our goals.  We are dealing with a fractured system.  There is little if any integration between political, community groups, food banks and other groups which ostensibly serving promote a sustainable food system.  There is no network; no resource centre.  Instead there are a large group of independent organizations serving a diverse range of populations.  As part of our mission, YRFN seeks to partner with key stakeholders – government, NGO, community, faith based – to become better connected and ensuring the sustainability of the food system for those accessing it.

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