Our Impact

Whether it’s at a drop-in meal, in our community gardens or in community kitchens across the Region, York Region Food Network connects residents to good food in spaces that are welcoming, inclusive and respectful.

In York Region, approximately 25,000 households experience food insecurity and only 25 percent of them, or 1 in 4, use emergency food services. York Region Food Network’s dignified approach uses food to bring people together. We build spaces where people can enjoy fresh foods, participate in food skill classes to learn something new, expand social networks and advocate for the right to food for all.

Image of a man wearing a mask emptying bag of potatoes onto a table

What we do

York Region Food Network is a community organization that offers services and programs to support food security. We also educate and advocate for actions to reduce food insecurity. 

We Advocate

Food insecurity is not about food. It’s about not having enough money to access food. We support an income-based response to food insecurity so everybody has enough money in their pockets to access food.

We Collaborate

We build relationships and connect with residents, community organizations, farms and businesses to strengthen the local food system and our communities.


We lead kitchen and garden skills workshops, bringing community together around food, sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences.


We respond to the needs of the communities we serve, evaluating our work through an anti-oppressive lens, acknowledging land-based teachings, and working towards a more inclusive York Region for all.

Our 2022 numbers
that speak



Good Food Boxes packaged and shared in the community
Freshly prepared meals provided to community members


Breakfasts served


staff-led hours in our collective gardens
Image of woman wearing hat and a mask assembling many containers of salad
Image of good food boxes - paper bags filled with assorted fruits and vegetables
Image of a woman wearing a mask in a lush vegetable garden. She is holding a large bunch of broccoli that covers her entire body


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