Key Ingredient to Lasagna Recipe is Compost

In celebration of Compost Awareness Week, York Region Food Network(YRFN) cooked up some lasagna gardening thanks to our friends at Miller Compost. For more than a decade Miller Compost has supplied YRFN with compost, a key ingredient to a nutrient rich garden. Today the compost arrived bright and early at the Aurora Community Garden, just in time for the ceremony in which Blaire McArthur of Miller Compost of Ontario was presented with a certificate of appreciation for the long time support Miller Compost has offered the YRFN Community Garden program. Peter Secord, also representing Miller Compost said, “Miller Compost believes in supporting community gardens with locally produced compost to support food production. “Feeding our soil” with high quality compost allows us to be a small part of the York Region Food Networks big efforts.”

Also recognized was the tremendous support provided by the Town of Aurora to the YRFN Aurora Community Garden. Town of Aurora Mayor, Geoffrey Dawe said, “This program enables members of the community, local government and businesses to come together in a cooperative way to enhance the quality of life for residents of Aurora.” Mayor Dawe further added, “The Town of Aurora actively supports the good work YRFN provides through its community garden initiative.”

Left to Right: Town of Aurora Mayor, Geoffrey Dawe; Miller Compost, Blaire McArthur and Peter Secord

Concluding the ceremony was a demonstration of lasagna gardening, a low maintenance approach to gardening which adds layers of various types of organic matter to the soil. YRFN Aurora community gardener, Barb Taylor along with YRFN Program Coordinator, Catherine Cook grabbed assistance from the attendees to help place layers of newspaper, straw, coffee grounds, vegetable scraps and Miller compost to the garden bed. Within minutes, a nutrient rich garden bed was created, ready for planting.

Foreground, left to right: ACG gardeners, Barb Taylor and YRFN Program Coordinator, Catherine Cook
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