Join York Region Food Network’s New Neighbourhood Gleaning Program

Call YRFN’s team of volunteers to pick your home fruit tree

What We Do

Sometimes, a homeowner has more fruit than they can use from the fruit tree on their property. When this happens, they can call YRFN and we’ll bring a team of volunteers out to harvest the tree. The bounty is shared between the homeowner, YRFN and the volunteers. YRFN donates part of its share to local organizations and uses part of it for our cooking programs, such as our breakfast drop-in and preservation workshops. This way, we make sure this fresh food is enjoyed, not wasted, while building food skills and community.

What You Can Do

Register your fruit tree!

Email Bronwen Fitzsimons, Urban Agriculture Coordinator at bronwenf @

Please tell us:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • The type and variety of tree(s) you have (please attach a photo if you have one!)
  • The time of year the tree usually ripens
  • The approximate height of the tree
  • Whether you have ladders the volunteers can use for picking
  • Whether the tree has been sprayed or treated with anything in the past year (please describe)
  • If you wish to keep 1/3 of the fruit we pick
  • Anything on the property that we should be aware of (e.g.: fragile items, construction, etc.)

When the tree is almost ready to be picked, please call us. We will schedule a convenient time to come to your property and pick your tree.

The program is still new, so we are only picking in Markham, Newmarket and Aurora right now. If your tree is elsewhere in York Region, please register with us anyway, as our volunteer base is always growing and we may be able to pick it soon.

If you would like to let us know about a fruit tree on public land, or if your organization has a tree we can pick, please email bronwenf @

We look forward to sharing the harvest with you!

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