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The York Region Food Council was born out of the York Region Food Charter, and is housed within York Region Food Network. The Council is made up of representatives from York Region and the municipalities that make up the Region, Public Health, York University, Seneca College, the farming community and more. 

Food Councils are a collective approach to addressing pressing issues that impact our local food system. 

What are Food Policy Councils?

Food policy councils examine the local food system and make policy recommendations to improve the food system.

Food councils bring together local actors from various areas such as health, nutrition, anti-poverty, education, environment, business, and agriculture. Despite their connection to food, these sectors are often fragmented. Food policy councils serve as forums for discussion and as platforms for action on food issues. Food policy councils aim to provide targeted solutions to complex policy challenges including poverty, the environment, housing, health, economy, land-use planning, transportation, energy and education. 

What do Food Policy Councils do?

Councils take various approaches to their work.

Actions food councils may take include: public awareness campaigns, education programs, research, community food assessments, advising on policy, improving coordination between existing food policies or programs, publicizing community food resources and hosting public forums on food system topics.  

Regardless of their actions, one of the key characteristics of food policy councils is the creation of strong partnerships and collaborations between a wide array of citizens, organizations, agencies, businesses and government. Food policy councils give voice to food system issues and solutions. 

The York Region Food Council envisions communities where health and social justice are prioritized and all residents have economic and physical access to healthy, local, culturally acceptable and environmentally sustainable food.  

The York Region Food Council works towards this vision by building networks across the food system, conducting research on the York Region food system, educating through public events, advocating for policy changes that foster a healthy food system, and supporting the creation and implementation of food system initiatives. 

Want to Learn More or Get Involved?   

To learn more about food system issues, keep an eye on our website and social media for announcements on upcoming events. You can view our past events YouTube 

Program Lead Morgan Sage / Food Policy Coordinator  

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