About York Region Food Charter

About York Region Food Charter

What is a Food Charter?

A Food Charter is a “statement of values, principles and priorities for a just and sustainable food system that will promote health and food security for all”. Developed by a community, food charters document community members’ shared visions for a food system and it is an action-oriented plan to guide decision-making and promote food for health and food for all. Toronto is home to the first food charter, adopted in 2001. Since then, 64 municipalities and regions across Canada are working on food policy initiatives to build civic engagement, facilitate collaboration and catalyze actions to strength the local food system.

What is the York Region Food Charter?

Lots of people, organizations and departments work on bits and pieces of policies, programs and regulations regarding food issues, but no one is accountable for the food system. The York Region Food Charter brings all those bits and pieces together, under one framework to help build coordinated actions for an efficient food system in York Region – from production right through to waste management. This is done by supporting projects, policies and Campaigns in York Region that embrace values articulated in the Food Charter.

Read the York Region Food Charter

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