The York Region Food Charter Toolkit

We want to see every resident in York Region take at least 1 action that will help build a healthy food system for all. So, we’ve made it easier to take that leap with the release of the York Region Food Charter Toolkit. This short guide compliments the York Region Food Charter by offering ideas and insights to help you incorporate more good food into your daily life through the acts of eating, growing and sharing food at home, in the workplace, at school and within the community.

From how to eat seasonally and locally to tips on how to compost and healthy fundraising in schools, this toolkit arms you with links, initiatives and research that are suitable for our York Region communities. Every moment, decisions are made that can support a healthy food system. The resources and actions you find in this toolkit will help you identify how to enact each of the 5 values of the York Region Food Charter – Health and Wellbeing, Economic Opportunities, Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice and Equity, and Education and Skills.

The York Region Food Charter Toolkit was developed as an online resource. As much as possible we have tried to link suggestions in this toolkit with additional online resources. URLs have been hyperlinked to ideas and initiatives listed throughout the document.

This toolkit has been prepared by the Food System Alliance in York Region. It intends to offer practical and simple suggestions that individuals and organizations can apply after endorsing the York Region Food Charter.

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