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Request for York Region Food Security Research Community Engagement



York Region Food Network and LevelUp Planning Collaborative are working together on a research project investigating food security in York Region. The objectives of this work are to find out;

  • What do food security and insecurity look like in York Region right now?
  • What data is being collected that could help us understand the food security needs of York Region residents better, and what other information would be helpful?

This work will inform and support York Region organizations, service providers, local governments, and residents to advocate for healthier communities through improved food security.

This work began in August and will continue until December 2021 with three phases:

Phase 1 – Background research and regional profile
Phase 2 – Community engagement (where we currently are)
Phase 3 – Knowledge translation and food systems framework development

In order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of people experiencing or at risk of experiencing food insecurity in York Region, we have opportunities for community engagement through interviews and focus groups.

Potential Interviewees

Key informants include: Municipal Councilors and staff; partner organizations, such as social service organizations and non-profit organizations; people with lived experience of poverty and food insecurity; Indigenous organizations; public health; community leaders; faith-based organizations; the business community; and community champions.

Connecting to Community

We need your help! Our team wants to do this work in the right way and your trusting relationships will help us engage community members integral to this work, especially those who are doing the work of food security on the ground and those who may be struggling to make ends meet. We are looking to add to our list of key informants and hope you can connect us with some contacts and help us spread the word about this important work.

Interview Logistics

Until mid-November we are looking to schedule interviews (30-45 min) and focus groups (45 min-1 hour) over telephone and by Zoom video call. Those who are participating as volunteers or people who are sharing their personal experiences of food insecurity will be offered an honorarium for their time.

Consultant Contact

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments about the project by contacting Holly Hughes, Project Lead from LevelUp Planning at Holly@levelupplanning.ca.

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