Community Kitchens

What is a Community Kitchen?

A community kitchen is a small group of people who get together to prepare meals for themselves or their families.

Why join a Community Kitchen?

There are many benefits to joining a community kitchen.

  • Meet new people and have fun sharing ideas.
  • Take home nutritious, home cooked meals for yourself and your family.
  • Learn new recipes and try new foods.
  • Save time and money.


Who can join a Community Kitchen?

You can make a community kitchen group open to anyone in your community. Or you might want to organize a kitchen for a group who already have something in common, like people who live in the same apartment building, a group from a parenting program, an immigrant support group, a seniors group, or a group of students.

Where can we cook?

Churches, community centres and co-ops often have well-equipped kitchens that they might let you use for free. If you are cooking with a small group of friends, you may decide to use your own kitchen.

Breakfast Drop-in poster (Repaired)


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