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What is the Good Food Box?

The Good Food Box is a fresh and nutritious box of affordable fruits and vegetables available from York Region Food Network and satellite sites each month.

How does it Work?

Customers place their orders with York Region Food Network and partner agencies on or before the 5th day of the month. Each box contains the same mixture of food, though the contents change with each delivery, depending on what is in season and reasonable at the time.  On the third Thursday of each month, customers pick up their order at the York Region Food Network office.

What does it Cost?

Our Good Food Box is $15.00. Our Local Good Food Box is $25.00 but is only available June or July to November.

What’s in the Good Food Box?

Each box contains a variety of fruits and vegetables which could include: potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, cabbage, green peppers, celery, bananas, oranges, melons, and pineapples.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables vary depending on availability and value.

Can Anyone Participate?

Absolutely, the Good Food Box is available to anyone in the area who is interested in healthy eating and affordability.

What are the benefits?

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables improves your health
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold to you at wholesale prices!
  • You will be supporting local  farmers
  • receive a newsletter containing healthy recipes with each box.

We choose Ontario-grown products for the box whenever possible because we want to know where and how our food is produced, to support local farmers and reduce the fossil fuels burned when we import food. Customers pay the cost of the food itself, while distribution overheads are subsidized.

It is now thought that up to 70% of deaths result from diseases that have a diet-related dimension, and there is mounting evidence that eating fruits and vegetables is key to preventing disease. Not only is it a matter of justice that everyone should have access to the food they need to keep them healthy—it also makes sense because of the enormous costs to the health care system that result from treating these diseases.

The Good Food Box makes top quality fresh food available to everyone, fosters community connections, and promotes healthy eating.

Good Food Box

Good Food Box Pickup Location


YRFN Office
350 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora
Contact: David Lightwood, Good Food Box Coordinator
Phone: (905) 841-3101 ext 203
Email: davidl @


Keswick Christian Church
2 Old Homestead Rd., Keswick
Contact: Bob or Hal
Phone: 905-476-4548

If you wish to pick your Good Food Box up at Keswick Christian Church, your order must be placed through them as it is submitted to us as a bulk order. Online orders must be picked up at our Aurora office.

Are you interested in starting a Good Food Box drop-off site in your neighbourhood? All you need is a reliable means of transportation to pick up your community’s boxes from our office. If your drop-off site orders more than 8-10 boxes, we’ll even provide you with a free Good Food Box for your time! For more information contact us at (905) 841-3101 ext. 204 or at davidl @

The Good Food Box Schedule

Order and Pay by the 5th day of every month.  Pick- up between 2pm-6pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Please see our Events Calendar for details.

To become a Good Food Box customer call 905-841-3101, ext. 203

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay more than one month in Advance?

Yes, customers can pay up to six months in advance. You will receive pickup receipts upon payment or email confirmation if ordered online.

How do I pay for the Good Food Box?

Payment can be made in person at our office. We accept cash or cheque. Please call first to verify hours of operation. You can also order online via Paypal.

What if the 5th day is a holiday-how do I get my order in?

The 5th day of the month is the LAST day to place orders for each month. You can place an order anytime of the month. The 5th is the cutoff day for any given month.

I don’t want to get a box EVERY month

You only need to order for the months you want and need a Good Food Box.

Can I choose my fruits and veggies?

No, you can’t pick and choose. We buy in bulk at the lowest possible price; if you don’t like something in the box, let us know and it will be donated to someone who needs it in the community.

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