ReFresh Activity

Take items we generally discard and repurpose it into something creative.

Check out this fun, free and sustainable activity!

For this activity we’re making water paints out of food (scraps)!

It doesn’t take much, you’ll need a stovetop/hot burner, pot, colander, food scraps (listed), paint brush and paper!

Check out our step-by-step information sheet.

Here’s our video to show you how we did it!

So, before you throw out those veggie scraps, take a look to see if it’s something that you can repurpose to create some art! Just experiment! You can always just try working with other scraps to see what colours they make for you!

Once you’ve completed the activity, snap a photo and share your experience with us on Facebook with tag @York Region Food Network and/or Instagram with tag @yorkregionfoodnetwork using #YRrefreshrenewregrow

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