ReNew Activity

Did you know that you can regrow a variety of commonly used vegetables from scraps?

Check out this fun, free, sustainable, and delicious activity! Make it a fun family experiment.

For this activity try growing a vegetable from scrap.

It doesn’t take much, just the end of one of the listed vegetables, a container along with some water or potting soil and sunlight! (Toothpicks may be needed in some instances).

Here’s a step-by-step information sheet to renew your veggies from water and/or soil.

Here’s a great video we found.

So, before you throw out those veggie scraps, take a look to see if it’s something that you can regrow in your home. Or just experiment! You can always just try growing seeds from fruits and or vegetables or the ends of different scraps to see which ones take!

Once you’ve completed the activity, snap a photo and share your experience with us on Facebook with tag @York Region Food Network and/or Instagram with tag @yorkregionfoodnetwork using #YRrefreshrenewregrow

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