Good Food Challenge – Family Edition!

Want to get the family in the kitchen more? Looking for new ideas to keep your kids engaged? Want to build food skills and reduce food waste? If so, join the Good Food Family Challenge!

Find some easy solutions to save time, money and food and gain more time with those you love!

Last year, challenge participants learned simple tips to help in the kitchen and reported great food saving results!

The Good Food Challenge – Family Edition can help your family:

Piggy bank representing the #1 benefit - save money

Save money

Did you know households throw away an estimated $1,500 per year in wasted food? Simple changes to the way you plan, shop and store your food can save you money. Money better spent on things that matter most, like a family outing or trip.

Image of family in kitchen representing #2 benefit - save time

Save time

Find more time to connect with family. You’ll discover fun, easy activities and recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Image of containers of food representing #3 benefit - save food

Save food

On average 15 to 20% of what we throw away in the green bin could be avoided. That’s good food your family could be enjoying.

This simple, family-friendly 4-week Bingo challenge is packed with fun activities, tips and tools to make it easier for your family to cook at home and reduce food waste.

How it works:

Download your Bingo Card and instructions on how to play!

The bingo card is hyperlinked with activities that promote Good Food principles, including growing, cooking and enjoying food.

By playing Bingo, families will have an opportunity to pick and choose what tasks they want to experience and work at their own pace to complete as much (or as little) of the bingo card as they like within the month. It’s a ‘Go at your own pace” challenge!

There are 5 incentives included on the instruction page (above) for children to enjoy as you make your way through the challenge.

Ready to play?

York Region Food Network is excited to be working with York Region on this food waste reduction initiative!

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To find Good Food resources check out YORK.CA

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