The Good Food Challenge

Don’t let good food go to waste

Over the past several months, with routines being upended as we’ve had to shift our lives to accommodate COVID-19, have you noticed you’re spending more on groceries? Are you spending more hours in the kitchen preparing meals? Is your green bin filling up a lot faster than it has in the past?

In the early days of the pandemic we noticed the amount of green bin waste collected was rising, in some cases it increased as high as 20 per cent over the year before as more people have adjusted to staying in and cooking at home. If you find you’re spending more on groceries while your green bin feels heavier than ever you may want to take the ‘Good Food Challenge’ to help you waste less and save more!

Over this 4-week Challenge you will discover some simple tips and challenges featuring planning, organizing, shopping, storing, cooking and composting advice that will help you plan and prepare better meals so you can waste less, enjoy more and help protect the environment!

What to expect

Week 1 is about reflecting on how you currently shop, prepare and use your food, including how much of it goes to waste.  

This challenge is set up for you to work at your own pace in your own time, we have many resources options for you to choose from throughout the week. Don’t feel tied to completing all tasks. Choose what you are interested in working on. The resource links provide easy tips, fun activities, and interactive challenges to set you on your way to reducing waste and feeling more organized and prepared in your kitchen! 

Please click on each week below to access the calendar of challenges, events and resources.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

York Region Food Network is excited to be working with York Region and Neighbours for The Planet on this food waste reduction initiative!

To learn more about how food waste impacts climate change visit

To find Good Food resources check out YORK.CA

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