Week 1: Fun in the Kitchen

Welcome to week one. Let’s have some fun! 

Please find links to all surveys, resources and activities by clicking on the title(s) below. 

Green Bin Challenge!

Each week we are asking participants to check out your green bin on garbage day and capture a photo of how full it is! We call this “Green Bin Selfie”. You don’t have to show us what’s in it, just measure it by eye like this

Share your photo with us through email, on Instagram, Twitter or in our Facebook group with hashtag #YRGoodFoodChallenge #GreenBinSelfie. 

Mark your calendar for garbage day! 

Good Food Challenge: Week One

1Complete Getting to Know You Survey Pt.1
Watch Food Waste Video: Let’s Shrink Food Waste Mountain
(What’s your food footprint? Activity - from video)
2Complete Getting to Know you Survey Pt. 2
Food Basics
3How to Portion Control
Food Storage
4Take Stock. Shop your Cupboards
Check this out: How to build a meal from basic pantry staples
Challenge: Make a meal using only items in your pantry!
5Arrange your Fridge: FIFO First In, First Out
6Browse weekend Activity Lists and commit to one task this week:
Adult Household, Family Household
7Check your email, fill in survey and take a sneak peek at next week!

Take a sneak peek at the LIVE (virtual) events taking place next week: 

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