Week 3: Do a little planning

Yippee! You’ve made it to Week Three! 

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Green Bin Selfie reminder! Mark your calendar to take your picture! 

Good Food Challenge: Week Three

15Zero Waste series; Watch video(s) most useful for your household :
Waste Less, Save More in the kitchen, Cabbage 3 ways or Greener Gifting
*Week two prize winner announced (check our email to see if it’s you!)
16Do you know your carbon footprint? Quiz.
17Create a list of leftover meal ideas (get everyone in the house involved)
Challenge: Make an inspired dish from leftovers, something totally different from what it originally was and share with us what you made!
Using up leftovers
Empty the Fridge Soup
18Grow Your Own/Seed Starting Workshop (pre-recorded)
19Watch: How to get more out of your Ends and repurpose your leftover Peels get some inspiration and use up what you have
More resources to inspire you:
Make a little go a long way, Incremental Curry, One Pot Meals, Shakshuka
20Browse weekend Activity Lists and commit to one task this week:
Adult Household
Family Household
21Check your email, fill in survey and take a sneak peek at next week!
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