York Region Youth Food Committee

The York Region Food Council has a youth arm to ensure that the voices, experiences and needs of youth, aged 18 to 30 years, are being integrated into food system conversations and thinking. Follow the Youth Food Committee on Instagram.

What We Do

The Youth Food Committee (YFC) is a working group of the York Region Food Council and an arm of York Region Food Network.

The Youth Food Committee offers a platform for youth to connect with one another and insert their voices into food system issues. Through the YFC, youth pursue topics, projects and events that catch their interest, with support from York Region Food Network.  

We currently have a few projects in the works including applying for funds to build accessible plots in community gardens, and a campaign to advocate and educate on equitable and sustainable land use.

Our main focus for the Youth Food Committee is advocacy and amplifying youth voices (there are also opportunities for tangible projects as well). You’ll have the opportunity to support projects, lead projects, or take a step back to network and learn about York Region’s food system through other members and routine speakers.

Past Events

If you are between the ages of 18-30 and are interested in joining the Youth Food Committee, contact Morgan at morgans@yrfn.ca

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